Decoys #2 – Himalayan Musk Rambler

Decoys #2 - Himalayan Musk Rambler
Fan Wu (Ed.)
Featuring: Nicholas Hauck, Helen Cho, Maggie Flynn, Francesco Gagliardi, Marcin Kedzior, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Ella Wilhelm, Hamish Ballantyne, Fan Wu & Friends
6 x 8
120 pages
Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour
1st Edition, 2016

Nine translators experiment with the elastic practices and theories of trancelation (a word that acknowledges language’s hypnotic properties and the trancelator’s own suspended agency in the between-space of translation). They worked from Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, German, English, incorporating swaths of architecture, visual art, philosophy, condensation, and commentary into their projects. In this book you’ll find: a mythological romp through a translingual rose garden; a rehearsal for revolt composed out of Finnegans Wake; a creaturely (dis)union of Kafka and Walter Benjamin; homophonic delirium visions of Lautreamont; a series of Anglo-Italian invitations to live other lives; fiery Guatemalan poetry in honour of the disappeared; Korean poetics of lack and yearning; elemental birds of prey hovering above the solitary wasteland; remixes in the zone of friendship.

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