Decoys #1 – Spectral Reveries

Fan Wu (Ed.)

Featuring:  Hamish Ballantyne, Michael Cavuto, Nicholas Hauck, Ben Meyerson, Geordie Kenyon Sinclair, Carter West



5 x 8

20 pages

Softcover, staple-bound, b&w and colour

2nd Printing, 2016

Decoys is a book series which plays with the unfixed concept of translation. Deviating from the notion of translation as faithful linguistic reproduction of an authoritative "original," Decoys explores translation as a germinating concept for modes of improvisation, inspiration, collaboration.

Spectral Reveries is a book of six translations and an afterword. Each translation answers the open question: how is a translation like a haunting? What happens to what's lost when languages dream through each other?

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