Slow Twisting

Slow Twisting
5.75 x 8
102 pages
Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour
1st Edition, 2017

In the voices of teenagers of the 1990s, we run from adolescent incest to an Albania earthquake. It is a narrative describing sex and death. Humorous? Ridiculous? Existential? Of course, how else would you expect teenagers to act and speak? The novel begins with the female character, only identified by her initial, M: “He’s standing by the door leaning against the wall with this incredible hard-on.” Inspired by Voltaire’s Candide, the author takes the ideas of 1980s post-structural and Lacanian philosophers, irreverently twisting and slowly turning them into the most absurd of narratives. The author is not fearful the book may be considered pornography; it is not what drove the author to remain anonymous. Rather, it was a literary decision, to free the novel from any pre-existing voice.

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Slow Twisting