Impulse – Volume 8 Number 2, Spring 1980

Eldon Garnet.

Eldon Garnet and Shelagh Alexander.

Contributing Editors:
Anne Milne and Willoughby Sharp (New York).

Shelagh Alexander and Eldon Garnet.

Table of Contents:
Andrew James Paterson, 'Flat Tire'; Leila Angelic Interview, 'Capturing Toronto',; Norman White, 'The Tinkerer's Robot'; Scott Gladden; Peter Noble, 'Iggy Pop: History Starts Here'; Adam Swica; Michael Kieran, 'Buckminster Fuller'; Mac Adams, 'Mysteries'; Judith Doyle, 'Conversational Machines'; Tom Dean, 'The Floating Staircase'; Eldon Garnet, 'Bob Colacello Interview(ed)'; Two New Projects by Site; Barbara de Genevieve; A.S.A. Harrison, 'Nellie's Mistake'; Krzysztof Wodiczko, 'Vehicles'; Anne Milne, 'Grapple'; John Brown, 'Rich People'; Annie Nikolajevich and George Whiteside, 'Future Image Language'; Ralph Alfonso, 'More Politics of New Wave'; John Greyson, 'Eavesdrop'.

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