Impulse – Volume 6 Number 4 + Volume 7 Number 1, 1978

Eldon Garnet.

Associate Editors:
M. A. Hanet and Anne Milne.

Business Manager:
Trudi Brintnell.

M. A. Hanet and Eldon Garnet.

Table of Contents:
Bill Gaglione and Anna Banana, 'Alternation of Character/Alerazione Di Charattere'; Bruce Andrews, 'Love Song No. 29'; Michael Snow, 'Larry Dubin's music'; Dan Ulaky; Mary Lou Dickinson 'Which One Are You?'; Savas Patsalidis, 'What A Guy!'; 'This Car Up'; Lola Michael, 'Interview: The Viletones'; Duane Michals, 'A Portrait'; Isaac Applebaum, 'Electra At The Sylvère Dollar'; Anne Milne, '20 Questions'; Pedro Vasquez, 'God Shave The Queen'; Michael Gibbs, 'So Bigger'; 'Aliementation Impulsion'; Patti Smith; Davi Det Hompson; Buster Cleveland, 'Fill Out & Send'.


The lines that have been drawn. The plan is simple, utilitarian & classical. After 7 years of format investigation Impulse is now experimenting with the standard format. Touch the square. The seventies are ending, the eighties are beginning. The grid is intended to bring the lines to tension to create what will transform the past into the present into the future. Our ability through Impulse to manipulate is limited but our ability to act as a 'centre' is open. With this we are setting out the format, the package which may absorb & transmit. The magazine. A moving centre in the network. It is not a vacuum which asks to be filled but a structure, a grid ready for the images of the construction. By example, here the prototype.

Eldon Garnet

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