Impulse – Volume 14 Number 1, Spring 1988

Excutive Editor:
Eldon Garnet.

Brian Boigon, Judith Doyle, Donna Lypchuk, and Carolyn White.

Contributing Editors:
Marc Glassman, Sylvère Lotringer, Alberto Manguel, Andrew Payne, Andrew James Paterson, and Jeanne Randolph.

Art Direction:
Carolyn White.

Alison Hahn.

Gillian Leigh.

Cover Design:
Carolyn White.

Table of Contents:
Impulse Pays Homage To Brazilian Architect Lina Bo Bardi; Eldon Garnet, 'Bridges for Future History'; Detlif Mertins, 'TD Dawn TD Dusk TD Dawn'; Impulse Speaks with J. G. Ballard; Sylvère Lotringer Speaks with Artaud's Doctor; Marguerite Duras, 'The Slut of the Normandy Coast'; Angela Carter, 'The Executioner's Beautiful Daughter'; Geoff Pevere, 'Conventional Warfare'; Michael Roberts, 'Homeopathy An Approach To Health'; Donna Lypchuk Speaks with John Waters; Conversations with Margarethe Von Trotta; Christian Boltanski; Alan Glicksman; Lin Gibson; Fastwürms; Ida Applebroog.


What is appears to be, what isn't.

A newspaper article talks at length about the greenhouse effect. The winters will be less severe: The growing season two months longer. Great news for a cold city. As the planet warms up Toronto will become a better place to live. So what if the melting polar icecaps will flood coastal regions and arid land will turn to desert.

I could have opened the door, but on the other side fire raged. It was safe here, but empty and silent. The door was inviting. Tempting. If I pressed my hand against its surface I could feel the pulsing, the life, the vitality. I was convincing myself that it couldn't be that dangerous, that I had the strength to withstand its force. If I pressed my ear to the door I could hear its siren-like hissing. And when I turned my back and tried to walk away I felt abandoned.

I would say there was no choice: I had to open the door. How was I to know this fire was only a machine.

Why create illusion? Why was it so important that I be deceived?

I was wrong. It wasn't a deception. This was no chimera, but a physical reality, a concrete machine. The fire was unrest. The machine could be touched; it responded to intervention. The fire was the lie. An element of disappearance.

In a newsmagazine I read of an atmospheric spill. A genetically engineered gas molecule has escaped from a lab. At a fixed locale in the lower atmosphere it reproduces then explodes in a flash resembling lightning.

Spectacular. It disappears to randomly reappear exploding. At the moment it is harmless, but no one is sure of the effects if it strikes an aircraft, and it appears to be flashing more frequently and in multiple locations.

Eldon Garnet

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