Impulse – Volume 12 Number 2, Fall 1985

Publisher / Executive Editor:
Eldon Garnet.

Managing Editor:
Judith Doyle.

Carolyn White, Gerald Owen, and Brian Boigon.

Contributing Editors:
Sylvère Lotringer (New York), and Andy Payne.

Art Direction:
Carolyn White.

Assembly Assistant:
Werner Arnold.

Business Manager:
Sharon Brooks.

Advertising Representative:
Cliff Dempster.

Cover Image:
Eldon Garnet.

Cover Design:
Carolyn White.

Table of Contents:
Elena Garro, 'It's the Fault of the Tlaxcaltecas'; Pier Luigi Tazzi, 'A Whole Story'; Brian Boigon, 'The Fish Spy'; Liliana Heker, 'Jocasta'; Astrid Klein, 'Photoworks'; Jenny Holzer, 'The Survival Series'; S. Kerlin, 'New Worries for the Future Worlds'; Komar-Melamid, 'Thank You Comrade Stalin'; Larry Richards, 'Meeting Jimmy 30 Years Later'; Hans Haacke, 'Metromobiltan'; Virgina Wright, 'Modern Furniture Designers in Canada'; 'Abortion Rights: A Chronology', assembled by Judith Doyle; Jeanne Randolph, 'Small Diary Of Suppression'; China: Architecture, Wen Xiu interviewed by Brian Boigon; The Official Story, Luis Puenzo interviewed by Miguel Rakiewicz; Electronic Persuasion, Tony Schwartz interviewed by Impulse.

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